ARTiculating Values: Youngsters act in EuroMed

The project "ARTiculating values” seeks to promote intercultural dialogue not only amongst people from EU Member States and MEDA-countries, but also amongst those with different social backgrounds in the respective countries, e.g. majority society and minorities or migrants. The main aim is the development of core values, mutual respect, empathy and critical thinking.
"ARTiculating values" is coordinated by Interkulturelles Zentrum and is supported by the Anna Lindh Foundation; the Austrian Ministry for Education, the Arts and Culture; the Austrian Ministry for European and International Affairs and others.The project involves schools as well as youth and cultural organisations from Austria, Denmark, Hungary, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, the Netherlands and Turkey.

Creative ways to deal with values

Debates, the exploration of similar values and personal encounter within the framework of the International Training Event (25-30 April 2010) as well as joint work towards common aims - respectively the elaboration of a theatre performance based on the methods of A. Boal or the writing of the so-called "Pages for Peace” - contribute to a better understanding and to positive experiences that are meant to prevent the participants from being ignorant towards "the other” and from being susceptible to "easy-made solutions” as claimed by populists. The scenes and articles as developed by the participants of the International Training Event will be presented to the public in a Viennese theatre on 29 April 2010.

Follow-up activities, including workshops with drama educators in the participating countries, are supposed to convey this spirit to a broader audience and to foster an ongoing self-reflecting learning process.