youthNET - Creative Partnerships with SEE

In the past 10 years, the NGO sector in Southeast Europe has constantly grown. However, there is still enough work to do: So far, networking initiatives have mostly come from outside the region. While these networks linked NGOs from SEE with partners worldwide, contacts with the "NGO next door” from a neighbouring country are often difficult.

The main effort of the project "youthNET - Creative Partnerships with SEE” was to strengthen regional cooperation among NGOs in Southeast Europe while offering the support of, and the exchange with NGOs from EU countries.

From 2007 to 2009 17 activities including network meetings, trainings, conferences, and exchanges were carried out. Three thematic sub-project groups were continuously working together to develop and implement pilot projects as well as an action plan for regional cooperation. Each group has focused on a specific topic, namely "Environment and Peace”, "Art and Culture” and "Tolerance Through Local Participation”.

"youthNET - Creative Partnerships with SEE" was funded by the European Commission's YOUTH programme and cofunded by the Austrian Development Cooperation. Our activities were supported by the City of Vienna, the City of Osijek, the Macedonian Agency for Youth and Sports, and the Central European Initiative.

Download youthNET booklet here (PDF-File, ca. 2 MB)