EKOsovo - Development through Biodiversity (2010-2012)

In 2010, the International Year of Biodiversity, Interkulturelles Zentrum together with its partner Environmentally Responsible Action (ERA) group (Peja, Kosovo) launched a project aiming at environmental education and supporting the civil society in Kosovo. The initiative is financed by the European Commission Liaison Office to Kosovo and the Austrian Development Agency.

The project creates a ground for cooperation and exchange between environmental NGOs, stakeholders and local communities in Kosovo and will contribute to capacity building of environmental NGOs there. Another aim of the project is to increase environmental awareness of the local population and representatives of the administration in Kosovo with special focus on knowledge transfer. A particular attention will be paid to the issue of biodiversity protection in Bjeshket e Nemuna/Prokletije mountains and other environmental problems in this region. As activities for protection of this area are developed and taken locally, the project contributes to democratization and strengthening civil society in the region.So far following activities have been implemented within the project:

NGO Training Activities (February 2010 - April 2011)

Meetings and trainings for environmental NGOs working with youth and young local volunteers took place. The aim was to bring the most active NGOs in Kosovo together, raising awareness on environmental issues at the local level and providing tools to attract and involve new volunteers by outdoor youth activities. The community center as a place of meeting and education was also official opened in ERA office.                                                                 

Stakeholder network (February 2010 - June 2011)

Meetings with representatives of the villages and communities, with agencies and unions in Kosovo to inform them about ERA´s work and the current state of environment in the region. The main event was a stakeholder conference with society organizations in Kosovo, representatives from the European Commission and ERA´s partners. The participants worked on the issues of biodiversity and the role of civil society in advancing environmental values in Kosovo.

Youth and school related activities (March - August 2011)

In March 2011 the school Campaign Shkova N’Rugova started, offering multiple in-class environmental education programs and outdoor activities for pupils. The program focused on forests, and included games, activities and outdoor visits. Youth volunteers of ERA were trained in an outdoor training where they practice mountain skills and learned about eco-sytems, bio-diversity and method skills. The aim was to enable them to work and serve in different schools as leaders and role models to youngerer Kosovar youth. In August a youth exchange took place in Kosovo with 19 participants from Austria, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro and Kosovo.

Project development activities

Planning and preparation meeting, Peja, 10-11 February 2010
Steering meeting, Peja, 25-26 October 2010

Information campaign

PR activities
Support for activities of partner NGOs

For more details of the activities please look here. (PDF-File, ca. 200 KB)