"Glocal Europe - youthNETwork for participation”

"Glocal Europe - youthNETwork for participation” is a project coordinated by Interkulturelles Zentrum planed and realised within the youthNET network and its partners. The project partners will plan and implement a common campaign on citizenship and participation which will be implemented in each of the participating countries.

The general objective of the project is bringing a common vision of Europe down to the level of local realities. The active cooperation between Civil Society Organisations from all over Europe aims at enhancing each organisation’s capacities to support local youth as active citizens.

The project will facilitate the exchanging of best-practice and know-how, adoption of new methods and tools from each other in order to increase both the local and international impact of the foreseen actions, through a process of training and exchange. Moreover the citizens, who will be target of the local actions, will be aware that similar actions are taking place contemporarily in different parts of Europe, and this point will be stressed throughout the actions in order for local communities to understand that fellow communities and citizens from other parts of Europe have common concerns and issues at stake. A final evaluation meeting will close the campaign, with the outcome compiled in a free booklet on campaigning and public relations.