South Caucasus - A Part of Europe

"South Caucasus - A Part of Europe" was a project implemented by IZ together with the Association for Youth Non-formal Education in Lithuania (AYNEL) and with Eurasia Partnership Foundation as local cooperation partner in the South Caucasus. The project started in April 2007 and last till March 2010. It was financed by EuropeAid and cofunded by the Austrian Development Cooperation.

The project offered new perspectives from the South Caucasus providing a forum for young people to share their concerns. Armenian, Azerbaijani and Georgian youngsters were trained to work with different media (foto, video, radio, print) and by these means shared their views with peers from Austria and Lithuania. Their creations were the base of a comprehensive awareness campaign started in autumn 2008 in Vienna/Austria with stops in Linz/Austria (April 2009) and Innsbruck/Austria (December 2009). 

Public awareness campaign increases mutual knowledge

The aims of the project were to increase mutual knowledge, to encourage co-operation between NGOs in the centre and the periphery of Europe and to broaden the understanding of the interdependence between the EU and countries in its neighbourhood. The public awareness campaign gave an insight into the situation of young people in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia in order to encourage European public support and co-operation aiming at the alleviation of poor living conditions. In photographs, articles, videos and radio reports the exhibition informed about the life situations, personal plans, actual needs, desires and fantasies of  youngsters living in the globalised world of the 21st century. By directly involving young people from the South Caucasus in the preparation and implementation of the campaign the project supported the capacity building with young people’s organisations, initiatives and groups in the region and - by this - stimulated the development of civil society and democracy.