Results & Materials

Best Practice Projects

Compendium of the best practices related to the topics of the AAA project - this compendium is one of the results of the desk research of the “Aware and Active” project conducted to identify best practices and it is elaborated by collecting of best practices of projects supported under the Erasmus+ programme: Youth in Action. Find here (PDF-File, approx. 1,8 MB)

Tool kit for trainers of trainings and ideas labs at the national level

This training tool kit means to strengthen the coherence and red thread for the “Aware and Active” - Campaign(s), ensure that issues like critical thinking, media literacy or campaigning basics are covered in all trainings within the project and create  also a supportive community among involved trainers. Find here (PDF file, approx. 800 KB)

Inclusion guidelines on how to include young migrants, refugees or asylum seekers into the project activities

Despite the fact that young migrants, refugees and asylum seekers are part of our realities (neighbourhoods, schools, youth clubs…) their participation in the AAA project will not naturally happen. Pro-active strategies and initiatives need to be put in place so that the obstacles for their participation (lack of information, limited access to civic activities, language barriers) can be overcome. Find some inspirations here (PDF file, approx. 500 KB)


"Aware and Active" newsletter, 1st edition, September 2017 (PDF file, approx. 400 KB)