Interkulturelles Zentrum - Mission Statement

Our vision is a society coined by solidarity, in which all people can develop and display all their potentials.

We strengthen societal cohesion by

  • our efforts regarding participation, equality of opportunities and inclusion
  • enabling participation and active contribution
  • supporting appreciative acting regarding diversity

Education is key for reaching those goals and is therefore central to all our acitivites.

We create spaces for encounters, bring people into dialog, and enable cooperation and networking.

We act local, regional, national, and international. Thereby we convey and utilize the potential of cross-border cooperation and engage actively in shaping Europe.

Our work is centered around people and their needs. It is sustainable and awareness-creating, and is shaped by diversity of topics, methods, and approaches.

We are an innovative, independent, and reliable partner, working together with initiatives and institutions of different sizes and organizational structures on eye level.

The most important resource of IZ is its team, with all their competences and experience.