1914 - 2014: Europe lost & found in war and peace

On the occasion of the centennary of the First World War, the Interkulturelles Zentrum initiated and coordinated the international thematic school networking project "1914-2014: Europe lost & found in war and peace".

During the pilot phase of the project, students from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Germany, France, Austria, Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey worked on several aspects of the First World War. Based on the same teaching materials, students dealt with questions like: What is the legacy of the First World War for Europe today? Which challenges does this War still pose for peace and reconciliation in Europe? What was the role of peace activism before, during and after the First World War? But also: What does this War has to do with me? How did it affect my family and my region? What is the role of peace activism today and how can I contribute to peace and de-escalation of conflicts?

One main aspect of the project has been to get an insight on the different narratives of this War in Europe – the same war is seen differently in the different parts of Europe and has a different meaning as well. Learning about these narratives, and understanding them sensitised students for diversity in Europe.

Advisory Group

Consultation for the project has been provided by an advisory group in which Euroclio as well as the Centre for Peace Research and Peace education at the Alpen-Adria-University of Klagenfurt  as well as experts from the practical pedagogical field.

Handbook with teaching suggestions for download

One result of this project is an online handbook with 21 methods with teaching suggestions about the topics of Europe, war and peace. The handbook can be downloaded for free at the website of Interkulturelles Zentrum here (PDF file, approx. 1,6 MB).

Method "Scripted drama" - Experience history by playing theater

One method in the handbook is a scripted drama, in which students both engage with the events of the July Crisis and how they led to the outbreak of the First World War and as well as consider the differences between 1914 and 2014 and the mechanisms that encourage peace in 2014.
The scripted drama provides an independent lesson plan and can be downloaded here (PDF file, approx. 300 KB)

Participating schools

Bosnia-Hercegovina: Gimnazija Dobrinja, Sarajevo.
Germany: Liebigschule, Frankfurt am Main.
France: Lycée Louis Thuillier, Amiens.
Serbia: Pravno-poslovna škola (Legal Business School), Niš.
Slovenia: Gimnazija Lava, Celje.
Turkey: Üsküdar American Academy, Istanbul.
Austria: business.academy.donaustadt, Vienna; G 19 Bundesgymnasium, Vienna; BG/BRG für Slowenen. Klagenfurt.

The project has been funded by the  Austrian Federal Ministry of Education and Women’s Affairs and Future Fund of the Republic of Austria.