Speaking of Myself – Empowerment and Networking for Better Inclusion across Regions

At the center of the project „Speaking of Myself – Empowerment and Networking for Better Inclusion across Regions“  is the empowerment of vulnerable children and their families in several regions of Georgia and Armenia. Through innovative educational offers the kids develop their self confidence and social competences. They learn how to use communication tools and social media and develop their capacities to articulate themselves and their point of view.

Apart from child-led media work, the project focuses on drama education and “Oral History” as methods to make the experiences of vulnerable groups – amongst other national minorities – visible. The children and youth are enabled to actively participate in society, demand their rights and develop their full potential.

The project is based on the successful implementation and results of two previous projects: “Common Kids” (2011–2013) and “CHILD” (2013-2015). In the course of these projects the communal inclusion of vulnerable children and their families could be improved significantly with community based activities and educational offers („community clubs“) and the creation of structures and cooperation with public institutions (schools, communities, ministries) in selected target regions in Armenia and Georgia.

„Speaking of Myself“ is cofunded by the Austrian Development Cooperation and Open Society Foundations’ Education Support Programme and carried out by five local partner organissations (Union Beryllus, Liberta und Society Biliki in Georgien sowie Bridge of Hope und Orran in Armenien).

Project duration July 2015-October 2017