TRANSKAUKAZJA: Visit the CaucasusCloseUp Exhibition on YouTube

Open 24 hours a day, no entrance fee, easy to get there, all you need is internet access: Just one click and you are in the middle of an extraordinary exhibition offering new and unexpected impressions and views of the Caucasus captured by young people from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia!

All materials were produced during the Transkaukazja Festival.The aim of this international festival is to promote Caucasian art and culture. It was organized in 2011 by Interkulturelles Zentrum (Austria) in cooperation with partners from Armenia, Georgia, Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic.

Exhibition tour guide

To make sure that you won't get lost, the exhibition offers various playlists according to the topic of the videos, like Everyday Life, Sightseeing, Relationship & Love etc. Every now and then new playlists will pop up.

Have fun and enjoy your tour through the CaucasusCloseUp Exhibition. To the entrance here