youthNET Network

youthNET is a Europe-wide network of young people, NGOs, youth experts, trainers, activists, administrative bodies and decision makers. youthNET supports the creation of regional and local networks in Southeast and Eastern Europe and the Caucasus. Capacity building measures, structural support and the promotion of partnerships between these countries and the EU member states are among its major objectives. Overall, this network has been created to promote peace, dialogue, tolerance and solidarity amongst young people.

Interkulturelles Zentrum initiated youthNET in the year 2000 within the framework of the Stability Pact for Southeast Europe. The aim was to contribute to a sustainable dialogue for peace and understanding amongst young people in the countries of the Western Balkans and to support partnerships with NGOs in other parts of Europe. youthNET was designed to stimulate cross-border and crossethnic activities focussing on important issues for a peaceful and prosperous future - dealing with problems such as environmental issues, questions of human rights, formal and non-formal education, intercultural relations, minority languages, equal opportunities for men and women, etc.

Memorandum of Cooperation

Since the establishment of youthNET more than 150 projects and activities have been carried out and several hundred NGOs have participated in the network. In May 2009 24 youthNET partner organizations signed the "Memorandum of Cooperation”. A coordination body as well as the members of the general assembly will be responsible for the future of the youthNET Network, prospective projects and activities.